Even though Amis is the national sport of the Philippines and basketball is the most popular game, their love for volleyball has turned into an addiction! In fact, volleyball in the Philippines is part of their culture, especially prominent among women.

The Philippines has enjoyed volleyball as a nation since the 1900s. At present, it is among the six most popular sports in the country. One of the main reasons for volleyball to gain its tremendous popularity in the country is the propensity of women’s participation. In addition, the Philippines also conduct three high-grade volleyball leagues, which are played both indoors and outdoors.

So, if you ever wondered why volleyball in the Philippines is so popular, you will get your answers right in this article!

Why Is Volleyball Popular In The Philippines?

Filipinos are born sports lovers. Thus, playing volleyball has become a part of their culture. As mentioned above, volleyball is apparently among the top six positions of their most popular sports. 

Why is volleyball popular in the Philippines? - VolleyballFacts

While many people play this sport for fun, top-grade players like Alyssa Caymo Valdez also have shown many national-level talents.

Moreover, indoor volleyball and beach volleyball are equally popular in the Philippines. And, it is a female-dominated sport in the country with teams to represent their country at the national level. 

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Volleyball in the Philippines is considered to begin in the 1900s played for recreation, mostly in backyards and beaches.

Filipinos are known to have contributed significantly to this sport. In fact, it is the Philippines that encouraged the American players to initiate the “three-hit limit” for each player in present-day volleyball. 

In addition, they even conduct world-famous commercial leagues which involve both female and male players. They are:

  • Philippine Super Liga
  • Premier Volleyball League
  • Spikers’ Turf

01 – Philippine Super Liga

This event is a corporate club women’s volleyball league that encourages former collegiate players to move forward with their volleyball careers. From 2013 to 2014, they had men’s divisions. And at present, both men’s and women’s beach volleyball tournaments are taking place.

02 – Premier Volleyball League

This is the skilled women’s volleyball league in the Philippines. Unlike the Super Liga, the matches usually take place only indoors with both women’s and men’s divisions.

03 – Spikers’ Turf

This is an exclusive semi-professional men’s league that started back in 2014. Many teams are taking part in this tournament, and they have come up with many impressive records until the present.

What Is The “Filipino Bomb” In Volleyball?

The “Filipino Bomb” is actually a new technique invented by the Philippine volleyball players, which is a set and spike strategy. The purpose of creating this was to provoke American volleyball fanatics and participants. 

In this invading passing technique, one player smashes the volleyball and sends it high in the air to position it up for another player on the same team. This is also known as the “three-hit limit” style.

Volleyball Has Always Been The Sport In The Heart Of The Filipinos!

Starting from the 1900s, volleyball in the Philippines has consistently won a special place in the hearts of the Filipinos. Since it is a sport that requires less equipment, it soon became popular in this nation, particularly attracting many female players.

It is a female-dominated sport in the Philipinnes today with they have invented the “three-hit limit” technique, also known as the famous “Filipino Bomb”. Three premier leagues are conducted within the country, and many skillful Philipinne players have marked their names as legends.

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