Things are turning back to normal after the COVID-10 pandemic. Volleyball is finally starting again after the girls’ swimming is ending.

A new season, new guidelines. Even though these guidelines have come a day before volleyball season starts, they apply to all indoor activities which have spectators.

So, that’s good news for the fans of Minnesota high school athletic events. Not only this, it applied to concerts, dance parties, etc. But, you can’t just walk to the gym and get a ticket.

There are strict guidelines for character schools and school districts to give tickets on advance booking.

According to the information released by Minnesota State High School League on Thursday, each team is allowed to bring 2 mask-wearing spectators per participant.

Additionally, there should be a difference of 6-feet between groups of household spectators.

Moreover, no venue should have more than 250 spectators or the spectators should not take up more than 25% of the total space of the venue.

The option of walk-in tickets has been cancelled. Also, proper documentation, including names, phone numbers and email addresses is required.

This is done if someone gets COVID-19, tracking others is easy.

Schools can include more SOP’s.

League Executive Director realizes that implementing changes will take time and is being flexible. The school is happy as now family members will see the matches.

This action came after a legal challenge, claiming that the school failed to take into account the recent Minnesota Department of Health guidance.

School officials refused to comment!


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