Sports are adventurous, fun, and challenging. Thus, beach volleyball and indoor volleyball are variations of one sport that require a similar amount of energy. So, let’s just check out if beach volleyball is harder than indoor.

When compared to indoor volleyball, beach volleyball is a bit more intense due to the playing surface, weather conditions, and atmospheric reasons. In addition, beach volleyball can be physically more challenging to some as there are only two players on each side, while indoor volleyball has 6 players.

We really have so much more to offer you than this bit. So, let’s dive into the rest of the article for more information.

Is Beach Volleyball Harder Than Indoor- Factually Explained

Those who love the game outside would argue. They’d say that they find no difference in both of these forms of the sport. And to make it clear, our intention is not only to battle the two but also to explain with facts.

Is beach volleyball harder than indoor - VolleyballFacts

Consequently, when considering all the aspects, we got ourselves clear that beach volleyball could be more challenging than indoor volleyball. 

Especially if you are a kid who’s still schooling and new to the sport, you could find playing inside a court more comfortable and physically protective than playing outside on the sand.

Playing Surface 

Generally, the surface of indoor volleyball is a solid and even floor. Thus, you can have uniform movements and jumping heights anywhere you play. While on the contrary, the surface of beach volleyball you get to jump and land on is sandy and most likely uneven. 

Accordingly, sand could hinder your movements and could drop your jumping height. So, reaching the arriving server may no longer be easily accessible. Hence, the probability of being exhausted is very high. And therefore, many would find that beach volleyball can be physically more intense and challenging than indoors.

Moreover, unlike on an indoor court, you could find it hard to tackle up with sand, especially if you fall on the beach. Sand could creep into places you don’t expect, like eyes, nose inside your clothing, etc. You don’t actually have to encounter this uneasiness when playing inside.

Weather And Atmosphere

Playing on the beach would be totally unpredictable in terms of the weather. You will never know how harsh the sunlight will be, how strong the wind will be, or you can’t be sure if it will not rain.

But, the atmosphere in an indoor court is pragmatically uniform. While on the contrary, you can never say how the wind could blow on the beach. Although the professional/skilled players will find ways to move with the wind but learning or amateurs could encounter it really hard.

The sunlight can be another potential reason. Beaches are usually very sunny, and the harshness of the sunny weather and humid atmosphere can make you tired very easily.

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference between volleyball success and volleyball failure.


Is Beach Volleyball An NCAA Sport?

Beach volleyball is considered an NCAA sport. In fact, the NCAA Beach Volleyball Championship is an NCAA-sanctioned tournament to decide the national champions of collegiate women’s beach volleyball.

Beach volleyball first appeared as a National Collegiate Championship in the 90th NCAA event hosted in 2015. And it starred teams from Division 1, Division 02, and Division 03.

If you would like to learn the difference between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball, you would not want to miss our article here that explains all about beach volleyball vs indoor volleyball.

Is There a Libero In Beach Volleyball?

Although the FIVB introduced the position of libero for indoor volleyball in 1998, beach volleyball does not specifically have this position.

As we mentioned on top, there are NO six players in beach volleyball who are in marked positions. Therefore, the two players who feature each team should be able to play the roles in every position.

Consequently, if you are playing beach volleyball, one of you will have to do the part of the libero with no substitutions. Generally, one will take care of the offensive game while the other will do the defending.

Summing Up

Whatever the form you try to engage in this sport, it is an excellent game for anyone who appreciates energy, agility, and a strategic sport. 

So, as you just read throughout our feature above, beach volleyball is not an incredibly hard form, but things can get a little more intense than indoor volleyball.

The main reasons can be the playing surface, the weather differences, and the atmosphere. Although it can be hard in these aspects, some could find it tactically easier due to the number of players on the opposite team. However, some players may sometimes find playing the parts in every position challenging.

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