To excel in a specific sport, you need to know its rules and terminology and how it is played correctly. Thus, baby steps are super important, especially for a team sport. So, we will help you learn volleyball from the beginning, with the essential facts that you should know before starting.

To begin with, you should have a volleyball to practice along with other proper gear. Then you should decide the place where you should start. And it is important that you have an idea of how much time you wish to put into this sport to do this in the long run.

So, with these bits of facts in mind, let’s move on to the rest of our article, where we hope to explain everything you need to learn about volleyball as an amateur.

How Do I Start Learning Volleyball?

If you are a newbie who’s longing to learn volleyball and wish to master it as a sport, this step-by-step guide will be important for you to follow the pattern. We do not want to introduce you to volleyball, as you already know it. But, let’s discuss what you need to know before starting.

How Do I Start Learning Volleyball - VolleyballFacts

Where To Start?

If you are still schooling, you can join your school team (This is a Team Sport) if it is offered. If not, you can play for recreation. By this first step, you can identify your interest in the sport. Accordingly, if you enjoy volleyball and think you need to continue, you can join a rep or a club team.

What Volleyball Gear Do You Need To Have?

Just as you start volleyball, it is not necessary to buy every possible gear you think is needed. But, there are some essentials that you need to pay attention to. So, try to get these gear as they can be protective and beneficial in many ways while you play.

01 – A Volleyball

The ball is the most essential gear that you should have in the first place. There are many varieties coming from various brands. Thus, you can get advice from someone who’s been in the sport for some time when you are purchasing a ball. If not, you can check the customer feedback on online stores and buy what is best for you.

02 – Knee Pads

You have probably seen a lot of volleyball players wearing knee pads. That is perhaps because they are essential so try to get a pair for yourself as well. Knee pads come in under different brands and different colors. So choose what is best for you as they are highly protective when you are diving for the ball.

03 – A Water Bottle

This might seem too basic, but we should never underestimate the importance of a water bottle. Try to have your own water so that you don’t have to bother other teammates when you feel thirsty. Volleyball demands a lot of energy, so it is not a mystery that you will sweat a lot, and you need to be constantly hydrated.

04 – Volleyball Shoes

Good-quality shoes are super important and a must-have when it comes to volleyball. Some volleyball players even wear basketball shoes for better safety. Basketball shoes have a better grip while volleyball shoes are lighter and make it easier to jump in. However, choosing a pair of shoes depends on what you like to wear. Thus, decide what is best for you.

So, Once You Choose The Place To Start And Pick The Necessary Gear…

When you are equipped with the two most crucial starters, you will have to keep practicing. Always remember that volleyball is a team sport. There are ethics when you play with a team. 

Most importantly, you should cheer up, coordinate, communicate and be ready to accept the strengths and weaknesses of the other players of your team. In fact, team spirit is vital when you want to excel in this sport.

Consistent practice sessions, learning and mastering the techniques, maintaining a good physique are consequential when you have the long run in this sport.

Volleyball Rules, Positions, Drills, Skills, And Terminology

When you are a part of this remarkable sport, you must have a sound understanding of volleyball rules, drills, skills, terminology, and the position you will play.

Volleyball Rules

Like every other sport, this game also comprises a set of rules and regulations. Hence, to learn volleyball efficiently, you should know all these rules.

And you can learn all about those rules from this article we have posted here.

Volleyball Positions

There are six basic volleyball positions, and you will belong to any one of them. These positions include:

  1. Rightside Hitter (Opposite hitter)
  2. Setter
  3. Middle Blocker
  4. Left Side Hitter (Outside hitter)
  5. Defensive Specialist 
  6. Libero

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Click here and get insights about these positions from our fully detailed article.

Volleyball Drills

Mastering various drills will help you to excel in this sport efficiently. Many drills are available so that the players get good practice in acquiring the techniques, skills, and learning to execute the strategies appropriately.

Here’s a list of beginner-level drills. The first twelve drills of this list are the ones that you could perform as a team and the rest are the ones that you can do all by yourself.

Team Drills –

  1. Over the net
  2. Line setting drill
  3. Blocking form drill
  4. Around the world
  5. Circle drill passing
  6. Rally scoring game
  7. “W” passing drill
  8. Pepper drill
  9. Serving to 21
  10. Approach step drill
  11. Double block drill
  12. Serve drill

Individual Drills –

  1. Warm-up with wall
  2. Side to sides
  3. Down ups

To learn how to implement these drills with coaching advice, just tap here and refer to our detailed article on volleyball drills for beginners.

Volleyball Skills

Skills are the key elements of volleyball. In fact, success as an individual player and a team improves when you have expertise in these skills. The six basic volleyball skills are:

  1. Setting
  2. Passing
  3. Blocking
  4. Digging
  5. Serving
  6. Spiking

Volleyball Terminology

When you are in any sport, each of them has its own terms or terminology. This means players have their own set of words inside the game. So, by understanding these phrases, you can learn volleyball more efficiently.

Here’s a list of some popular volleyball terms:

  • Ace
  • Block solo
  • Campfire
  • Drive/ sprawl
  • Deep
  • Free ball

If you are interested, we have a full detailed article about all the volleyball terms right here in this article.

How Can I Practice Volleyball At Home?

When you start to learn volleyball, the next big question you might get is whether you could practice at home and, if you can, how to do it. Well, you can practice skills and perform drills that only need a ball and a wall. In a nutshell, you can perform specific drills and practice the basic skills without a coach, a net, or a team.

The solo drills that you could do include:

  • Warm-up with wall
  • Side to sides
  • Down ups
  • Vertical Sets
  • Standing while practicing setting

In addition to these drills and the basic skills, there are also possible ways that you could improve your mental visions, strength, and conditioning at home. 

In addition to these drills, we have a list of tips and exercises to practice the basic volleyball skills at home. Click here and refer to this feature for more information.

Volleyball Is A Sport Full Of Energy That Is Worth Trying!

At first impression, volleyball may seem like an intense sport which is true in a way. However, if you want to learn volleyball, your baby steps are super influential, as you just read in our article.

It is an excellent sport for those who need to give their total energy and be great team members. So, if you are ready to give your best, commit your time practicing and be willing to work with the best team spirit, why wait- just go for it!

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