With the inception of summer, every sports lover is gaining interest in the things they can do on the beach, and beach volleyball is obviously among them. So, we will discuss how to play volleyball using the proper techniques.

Beach volleyball is a game between two teams, with two players featuring in each team. It is typically played on the beach or a sand court. The game intends to serve the volleyball over the net and get it to hit on your competitor’s side of the court while synchronously stopping it from striking your side of the court. And beach volleyball comprises rules and scoring methods, just like indoor volleyball.

Read through to learn in-depth about this game and how it is played.

How To Play Beach Volleyball?

Beach volleyball is a fun, engaging, and competitive recreational activity mostly played on the beach during summer. This sport appeared at the Summer Olympic Games in 1992 as a demonstration occurrence and has been an official Olympic sport since 1996. 

How To Play Beach Volleyball - VolleyballFacts

Beach volleyball is similar to traditional volleyball played indoors. But still, the number of players per team and the playing surface is different. You will require the following basics to play beach volleyball:

  • A beach or a sand court
  • A volleyball
  • A volleyball net
  • Two teams consisting of 2 players in each team (4 players)

Playing Surface And Court

Beach volleyball is usually played on imported or natural sand. The sand must be refined and smooth and must not contain any possible harmful residue. This sand must also be a minimum of 1.5 feet deep to facilitate the movement of the players.

If you are setting up on your court by putting up a net, you’ll have to decide the sideline and end-line boundaries with reference to the official beach volleyball court measurements. Regulation-size beach volleyball courts are 52 feet long and 26 feet wide. 

The net height typically varies depending on the gender of the players. Women’s nets are almost seven and a half feet, whereas men’s nets are around eight feet high.

How Many Players Are In Beach Volleyball?

Unlike indoor volleyball, there are only four players in beach volleyball, featuring two players on each team. And there are no substitutions permitted in beach volleyball. All four players should be skillful on all the serves since the four of them get to perform everything that 12 players do in regular volleyball.

However, there are instances like recreational beach volleyball where we can see that more than four players are playing this game. In fact, sometimes there could be about ten players in each team, altogether 20 players in both teams. This can vary depending on the situation, and most of the time, these recreational teams reach out for more flexible rules such as substitution.

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Position Of The Players

There are no specific positions in beach volleyball since only two people are on each side of the net. Each person must be able to block, dig, set, and hit at every possible time. When the receiving team wins points, they accumulate the right to serve, and the serving party must be rotated every time this happens.



With the blend of sand, sun, and movement, it is crucial that the proper clothing is worn during the game. Generally, many beach volleyball players choose to wear breathable, loose, or seamless clothing like tank tops and shorts., These apparel can keep you relaxed and are comfortable to move in quickly.

Moreover, players prefer to play barefoot rather than wearing any footwear. Nevertheless, beach volleyball is usually played outside on the beach, so the sand can get hot and could injure your feet. Therefore, wearing sand socks can be an excellent way to prevent injuries or burns and enables you to get a steady footing in the sand.

The Volleyball

The size of the beach volleyball is much bigger, but the weight is much lighter, and it is more delicate to the touch when compared with a regular volleyball used to play indoors. These properties of beach volleyball enable a longer hang time in the air, delivering the player more time to respond to the ball.

Passing The Ball

Basically, there are two methods of passing the ball in beach volleyball: the overhand pass and the forearm pass. A pass is a form of receiving the ball from the other team, and the player uses their hands or forearms to control the ball to complete the pass.

For a forearm pass, the player accepts the ball with their forearms and then executes it by clutching their hands and joining their forearms together to create a platform. The overhand pass is performed by handling the ball with your hands over the head, and this action must be fast and accurate.

Setting The Ball

Setting the ball calls for striking the ball into the air so that it is in a place for you or your teammate to perform an overhand hit or attack. This activity is typically accomplished in the same method as the overhand pass. The player controls the ball with their hands over their head.

Blocking The Ball

This movement stops the ball from reaching the net by jumping with your hands overhead and striking the ball back to your opponent’s side. When blocking the ball, you should be very mindful of the net since touching the net is a violation in beach volleyball.

Hitting The Ball

Hitting the ball is the player’s manner of fetching the ball to strike the sand on the opposing team’s side of the court. This is usually accomplished with a jump to boost the assertiveness of the hit, which can enhance the difficulty of the other team returning the ball.

Beach Volleyball Scoring

Beach volleyball includes three sets, but it is played as a best of three sets. The best of three implies that if a team wins the first couple of, then that team will have the victory. Each set is of 21 points, and the team that achieves the 21 points before the other team wins the game.

The team scoring 21 points first should have a two-point lead over the other. Hence, if the score level is 21-20, then the set will continue until a two-point advantage is earned. The set will be terminated if the score displays 24-22 or 25-27.

The third or the conclusive set will be a maximum of 15 points, unlike 21 in the first two. And teams can swap ends after every 7 points. In the decisive set, they can switch it into 5 points. Point is awarded to that team capable of dropping the ball on the ground at the opponent’s side. Each time a team fails to deliver the ball lawfully, they perpetrate a fault, and the other team gets the point.

General Information

During beach volleyball, players can utilize any part of their body to respond to the ball, including being able to kick the ball. However, holding, throwing, and catching the volleyball during a match is not permitted. The only approach that the arm must accomplish is serving.

A vital tip to bear in mind during the game is to communicate. Since there are only two players on each side of the court, it is feasible that both players will go for the ball at the exact time. Therefore, it is essential to communicate with your teammate to avoid any injury, and this will also revamp your possibilities of gaining points.

Final Thoughts About Beach Volleyball…

Beach volleyball is a sport that players of all skill levels can play. In order to play and take pleasure in this sport, it is essential to understand the basics and create a substantial foundation. We hope we have guided you through the important information on beach volleyball and tips to engage in this game properly. 

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